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Łódź Coat of ArmsŁódź Travel Guide Łódź is a place in central Poland in the province of Łódzkie. Formerly at the heart of a textile industry empire, today it is a city of modern technologies, culture and known for putting on ambitious and impressive events, is the third largest city in Poland located in centre of the country, with a population of 742,387 as of December 2009.

It is the capital of Łódź Voivodeship or Łódzkie, and is approximately 135 kilometres, 84 miles south-west of the capital of Poland, Warsaw.

The city's coat of arms depicts a boat, (strangely the city doesn’t even have a river running through it) alluding to the city's name which translates literally as “boat”. It is a metropolis where a landscape of industrial architecture mixes with silhouettes of the 20th century office Buildings, production halls, culture and sports buildings.

Łódź Travel Guide

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Today the city is known for its textile industry with factories such as Prochnik and Wolczanka. Other industries include; printing, electro engineering and electrical plants such as the Bosch-Siemens washing machine plant, the Gillette factory and ABB-ELTA transformer plant. It is also a centre for science and education including the well known Film, Television and Theatre School.

Accommodation in Łódź

You will find the full range of accommodation in this town from the most luxurious five star hotels with up to date and modern amenities to pensions (a type of guest house or boarding house) and rooms or apartments at very reasonable prices. Some of the larger towns and cities will also have hostels.

If you prefer to stay in a more rural location there are a number of “Agro” style of accommodation places on farms and in the countryside plus there may be camp sites nearby.

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Activities & Attractions in Łódź

Łódź is well known for the international events held in the city such as the Ballet Meetings in Łódź, Camerimage the International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography, Explorers Festival, Alexander Tansman International Competition of Musical Personalities and “Golden Thread” the Contest for Fashion Designers.

Poland is a country with a large variety of landscapes, a place where you can experience all four seasons. This provides the visitor with many opportunities for adventure and different activities and visiting attractions, whether you enjoy the mountains, lakes, rivers or the beaches you will find something that suits you.

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Activities & Attractions

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Geography of Łódź

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History of Łódź

The village of Łodzia, as it use to be known, developed in the 14th century and was granted town status in 1442 and until 1798 was under the ownership of the Bishops of WrocŁaw. The historic architecture dates back to the 19th century and is known as the eclectic style with a factory complex consisting of the owner's palace, factory buildings and the workers houses.

Museums in Łódź

Polska is full of history and the Polish are great lovers of knowledge of the past so you will find many museums in the country, whether it be a folk, military, science, skansen, transport or any other type.

Poland has a long history and has been an important trading route that has been invaded by many different groups over the past 1,000 years. Museums are a great way to explore the nations history about the inhabitants of the land in the past, their lives and customs.

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Muzeum Miasta Łodzi ul. Ogrodowa 15, 91-065 Łódź City Museum

Places to Eat in Łódź

There are many restaurants covering the usual pizza to those offering local Polish traditional and regional cuisine.

What Wikipeda says about Polish Cuisine

Polish cuisine (Polish: kuchnia polska) is a style of cooking and food preparation originating from Poland. It has evolved over the centuries due to historical circumstances. Polish national cuisine shares some similarities with other Central European and Eastern European traditions as well as French and Italian similarities. It is rich in meat, especially pork, chicken and beef (depending on the region) and winter vegetables (cabbage in the dish bigos), and spices.

It is also characteristic in its use of various kinds of noodles the most notable of which are kluski as well as cereals such as kasha (from the Polish word kasza). Generally speaking, Polish cuisine is hearty and uses a lot of cream and eggs. The traditional dishes are often demanding in preparation. Many Poles allow themselves a generous amount of time to serve and enjoy their festive meals, especially Christmas eve dinner (Wigilia) or Easter breakfast which could take a number of days to prepare in their entirety.

The Polish national dishes are bigos; pierogi; kielbasa; kotlet schabowy (type of breaded cutlet); gołąbki (type of cabbage roll); zrazy (type of roulade); roast (Polish: pieczeń); sour cucumber soup (Polish: zupa ogórkowa); mushroom soup, (Polish: zupa grzybowa) (quite different from the North American cream of mushroom); tomato soup (Polish: zupa pomidorowa); rosół (variety of meat broth); żurek (sour rye soup); flaki (variety of tripe soup); and barszcz among others.

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Places to Eat

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Tourist Information in Łódź

Poland Travel Guide This web site will eventually have tourist information on most of the places in Polska. Being a web site you will be able to access the information on most digital platforms, including your laptop, personal computer or a mobile phone.

Tourist organisations are welcome to contact us for details on how to display their information on Łódź Travel Guide.

PTTK Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society is a non-profit organisation that you will find in many places in Poland.

It is one of the oldest tourist societies in Europe and was was created by the merger of two societies: Polish Tatry Society (1873) and Polish Country Lovers Society (1906).

Official Tourist Information Centres in Poland are divided into 1*, 2*, 3* and 4* Certified and Non-Certified. All Certified Tourist Centres provide information in one or more foreign languages and have an expanded range of services as compared to the Non-Certified.

Tourist Information

Tourist Offices
There are currently two other tourist offices in Łódź, at Kaliska train station, ul. Karolewska 55 and at the airport.
Name and website Address Type
Centrum Informacji Turystycznej Piotrkowska 87, 90-423 Łódź Tourist Office

Transport in Łódź

On the 13th September 1925 Lodz Lublinek Airport was opened and in 1927 the first regular flights to Warsaw and Poznan began followed by flights to Lvov and Vilinius. Durring the Second World War the airport was used for military purposes with a new runway 1200m in length. Between 1945-58 Lodz Lublinek Airport had already become an important hub of air traffic with the airport offering regular flights to Wrocław, Warsaw, Cracow and Gdansk. Passenger flights represented 20% of all domestic operations. In 2009 scheduled flights amounted to 258,857 and charter flights were 49,843.

Here are some useful websites to help you find your way to this place.


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e-podroznik.pl Bus & Train Timetables www.e-podroznik.pl
Lodz Wladyslaw Reymont Airport Airport www.lotnisko.lodz.pl
Przewozy Regionalne Railways www.przewozyregionalne.pl

Websites of Łódź

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Łódź ul. Piotrkowska 104 Official Site

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The Łódzkie Voivodship was created in 1999 and is located in central Poland.





Places in Province

The cities, towns and villages of the region of Łódzkie.

Places in Province

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