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Website Design and website improvements. As a website designer I offer the design of a Static HTML website from £150. Improve your existing website or let me create a new responsive mobile friendly site for just £15 per hour and benefit from my ten years of experience on designing, improving and managing websites.

HTML static sites are quick and if set up correctly are liked by the search engines.

CMS (content management system) websites use a database and other resources which are useful if you require e-commerce or booking engines. These sites require much more work both to set up and maintain.

If you know what your customers are really looking for from your business, I will build your website around that information.

Website Design

How does It Work?

Start working with Website Design. I can provide what you need to create a modern website that will generate awareness, drive traffic to your business and connect to your customers.

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The way websites are designed

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. It can be assisted by technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and scripting languages such as JavaScript (JS).

  • Static Web Sites perform the best
  • Simple CMS Web Sites the next best
  • Complex CMS Web Sites can be slower

Speed up the development
with Website Design.

Using Website Design to build your site means buying a new template and adapting it to show your business or organisation on the World Wide Web. Alternatively, it may be possible to adapt your own existing template saving both time and money.

  • Buying and adapting a template saves you money due to less coding time involved.
  • There are many different templates for you to choose from.
  • These can then be personalised to your business or organisation.
Website Design

What do I charge

If you decide to work with Website Design. My rates are reasonable but the final cost will depend on the type of website you want and the time it will take me to build it including the testing to make sure it works correctly.

Simple static sites are the cheapest and will be the best option if you do not want to sell items directly on the internet. e.g. Trades like Carpenters, Electricians and Car Mechanics.

CMS websites are more complex and the price will depend on a number of factors and the length of time involved.

If you like your current site and just want to improve it for the search engines,(SEO) this could be a cheaper option.

A simple static website from £150 and maintenance from £20 per month.

My Costs

£ 15 per hour
  • WordPress Sites
  • HTML Static Sites
  • Improve Your Own Site
  • Search Engine Optimisation

HTML Static Websites

From £ 150
  • WordPress Sites
  • HTML Static Sites
  • Improve Your Own Site
  • Search Engine Optimisation
Explain to Website Design what you are looking for

Every customer has different ideas about the design of a website, but if you also want it to perform well, it needs to be coded correctly.

I can work to your budget

Creating a new website costs time and money so I would strongly suggest that you set a budget, no matter who you employ to build it.

If you have questions please contact me

A number of Design or Marketing companies will try and add on things that you do not need in order to make more money. I have been building websites for ten years so have obtained a good idea of what works.

Website Design may also ask you questions

In order for me to design a decent site I will need to know about your business or organisation. I will want to know what your customers are looking for from your company.

Have a Question ? Get in touch!

Do you really need a new website? Website Design is ready to advise if your exsisting website can be updated and improved. This could save you spending out on a new site.

Web designers use to have a saying, "content is king" but many of the new websites seem to have more images than words. One of the, Search Engine Optimisation, points is that a webpage should have at least 500 words. I personnaly prefer at least 750 words on a page. Google seems to like that.

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