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Hampshire Travel Guide is a tourist website about the English county of Hampshire. As of 2018, the population of Hampshire was estimated to be 1,844,200 people. The most visited tourist destinations in Hampshire are: Solent Sky Museum, The Mary Rose, Winchester Cathedral, Paultons Park and Osborne House.

If you are planning on a visit to Hampshire as a tourist then a great Hampshire holiday is so much more than just lying on a beach or shopping until you drop, to get the most from your travel adventure to Hampshire you need to know where to find the right places to see and tourist information that will enable you to get the best from your visit. Hampshire is a county waiting for you to explore and discover its cities, towns and villages, people and culture.

This is a massive undertaking for one person to capture a county the size of Hampshire but I will endeavor over time to populate Hampshire Travel Guide with information about travel, tourism, geography, history, culture, aviation, the economy and many other helpful and fascinating details about the cities, towns and villages across Hampshire.

A Little bit of Hampshire History

Awaiting article.

Councils of Hampshire

The public administration system in Hampshire works on the decentralization principle, which ensures that the decision making and executing processes take place at the lowest possible level and closest to the citizen.

The Hampshire public administration system has many common qualities with systems of other European counties but also has typical elements exclusive to the British nation, due to historical, social and economic reasons.

This Hampshire Travel Guide includes information on the councils of Hampshire. The councils of Hampshire today are mostly named after the historical and geographical regions of the county.

A Borough or Parish is the third level of administrative division.

Some of the towns in a Council can be centres of more than one Borough or Parish. The reason is that in several cases the town itself and its surroundings form separate entities of administrative division.

Councils of Hampshire

Name and Website of Council Address
Basingstoke & Deane District Council Civic Offices, London Road, Basingstoke, RG21 4AH
East Hampshire District Council Penns Place, Petersfield, GU31 4EX
Borough of Eastleigh Council Eastleigh House, Upper Market Street, Eastleigh, SO50 9YN
Fareham Borough Council Civic Offices, Civic Way, Hampshire, PO16 7AZ
Gosport Borough Council Town Hall, High Street, Gosport, PO12 1EB
Hart District Council Harlington Way, Fleet, GU51 4AE
Havant Borough Council Public Service Plaza, Civic Centre Road, Havant, PO9 2AX
New Forest District Council Town Hall, Avenue Road, Lymington, SO41 9ZG
Portsmouth City Council Civic Offices, Guildhall Square, Portsmouth, PO1 2AL
Rushmoor Borough Council Council Offices, Farnborough Road, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 7JU
Southampton City Council Civic Centre, Southampton, SO14 7LY
Test Valley Borough Council Beech Hurst, Weyhill Road, Andover, SP10 3AJ
Winchester City Council City Offices, Colebrook Street, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9LJ

Tourist Information in Hampshire

This Hampshire Travel Guide will include details of other Tourist organisations operating in Hampshire. They are welcome to contact me for details on how to display their information on Hampshire Travel Guide.

Visit Hampshire - Visit Hampshire is the main tourist organisation for Hampshire.

Transport in Hampshire

In order to explore and write articles for Hampshire Travel Guide I have found getting around Hampshire is easy as it has very good transport links both internationally and internally with good links to major airports, near to the county like Heathrow and Gatwick.

The main railway network in Hampshire is run by South Western Railway, Address: Wide Ln, Southampton SO18 2NL. Other railway companies that operate in the county include Southern Trains, First Great Western and Cross Country Trains.

The road network has seen the most development over the past few years with updates on the main roads into Hampshire including the M3 amd M27.

Here are some useful websites to help you find your way to Hampshire.

British Airways is well known for it’s service right around the world flying to many destinations.

Aurigny Air Services Ltd is an airline based in Guernsey in the Chanel Islands with regular flights to Southampton Airport.

Loganair Limited. is a Scottish airline based at Glasgow Airport that hopes to fly into Southampton Airport.

There is a National Express Coach station in Southampton with frequent services to London, Heathrow and Gatwick Airports and other places in the UK.

Hampshire Travel Guide can do no better than send you to Seat61.com for international rail travel information. You will find very helpful details on the site.

Name Type Website
Southampton Airport Airport Southampton Airport
South Western Railway Railways South Western Railway
National Express Coach National Express

About Hampshire Travel Guide

Flag of HampshireOur travel guide is a travel exploration and educational project with the aim to provide a clear and easy to navigate site, showing useful travel and tourist information on various subjects about Hampshire including articles on the villages, towns and cities found throughout the county, accommodation, restaurants, out-door activities, the economy and great things to do while visiting Hampshire.

Each place listed has it’s own page that includes information on, accommodation, activities, attractions, geography, history, museums, places to eat, tourist information, travel information and a listing of websites associated with the location.

Hampshire has now become a major county in the modern world with a strong manufacturing and economic base exporting to many different countries. It's position within the Europe grows ever stronger. It consistently strives to become a tourist destination and has much to offer all different tastes and budgets.

We are constantly changing and updating the guide and we hope that you will enjoy looking through the many and varied pages about Hampshire. If you are from Hampshire or you have an association with the county we would be delighted to receive your own articles. Especially articles about where you live or about the local economy, travel, culture, geography, history or tourism, and don’t forget to include photographs of your village, town, or city.

We are always interested in finding other individuals who are willing to write articles about this county. Please also contact us if you are interested in advertising on our site.

David Smith; editor of Hampshire Travel Guide

About the Inventor and Travel Guides Administrator

I have always been interested in machinery from the past especially the Victorian area and believe we have lost the ability to do many things for ourselves. We have become so dependant on large commercial enterprises and have lost many of the skills our forefathers were so use to applying each day. For example; how many of us now produce our own food or know how to fix the roof when it leaks. Do we know how to replace a window? I confess I just go to the supermarket or call an expert if the roof needs fixing.

Now in semi-retirement I am trying to rediscover my DIY skills (at least some of them) and start making things for myself again. So the idea of generating my own electricity has been in my mind for some time. I have looked at many crazy inventions and some very interesting renewable energy systems on the internet but it was not until I saw machines from the Victorian period my mind started to explore an idea, so the "Water Piston Generator" was born.

I am David Smith, born in Birmingham in 1959 and have lived in Northern Ireland, Kidderminster in Worcestershire, Lincoln, Wimbledon in south west London, Sittingbourne in Kent and I currently live in Eastleigh Hampshire. I have always loved to travel and have visited many European countries as well as many cities and towns here in the UK. I have never married so travel is something I am free to do when time and money allows, that is.

For most of my working life I was in administration, the civil service is where I started then onto HR and moving into pensions in 1985 until about 2005. I had a brief time installing alarm systems.

In 2005 I moved from Kent to Hampshire to look after my mother and in 2006 I started at Asda Supermarket Eastleigh, part time until December 2019 when due to me complaining publicly about the new contract they had forced on employees despite saying two years previously they would not do it, I resigned. Since joining the company in 2006 Asda has year on year taken away employee benefits demanding more and more for very little pay. I decided that I had put up with enough of being badly treated, so I resigned before they sacked me. I had been diagnosed with a heart problem back in the summer of 2019 and in the December I was informed by my doctor I had cancer. Some of the managers and supervisors at Asda Eastleigh show little care to those under them. Something also needs to be done about the disgraceful gossip that some are in the habit of doing. I tell my story here so others can see what to expect if they work for this company. My faith demands that I forgive individuals but it also demands that I stand up for the truth. It would be right if Asda and other employers and those that managed such organisations treated their staff and customers with greater respect.

I started to get interested in tourist websites around 2004 and paid over £4,000 for my first site. A huge mistake on my part, so I began to teach myself how to build websites using CMS and HTML, Joomla and WordPress. Although I have now reverted back to HTML static sites for their simplicity and speed. I administer two other sites currently, Friends of St Anne’s Hospital, about a charity run hospital in Tanzania.

Created in July 2009 originally under the name of WebPoland, and until October 2014 called Poland Explorer Travel and Tourist Guide, now goes under the name Poland Travel Guide and is administered by me. I have now been travelling to Central and Eastern Europe for over 13 years and try to visit it about two or three times a year to gather information and experience the culture of the different countries.

I have been a Christian since the age of eleven and although I struggle sometimes with my faith, I can honestly say that my God is with me and I have discovered many times his care for me when travelling far from home. He has made a fantastic world for us to live in but it does seem that we want to do our best to destroy it. I am not into “just religion” , for me it is about the truth.

Looking for an Mechanical Engineer

I am looking for a mechanical engineer who is more interested in helping people than making money. Maybe you are now retired and looking for something to do with your time. My "Water Piston Generator" project would benefit from a trained mechanical engineer as I move it forward. If you are intrested please contact me by email or letter. My contact details are shown on the home page of "Local Energy For All".

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An Ever Evolving Site

I am constantly changing and updating Hampshire Travel Guide and I hope that you will enjoy looking through the many and varied pages about Hampshire.

If you are from Hampshire or you have an association with the county I would be delighted to receive your own articles about Hampshire. Especially articles about where you live or about the local economy, travel, culture, geography, history or tourism, and don’t forget to include photographs of your village, town, or city.

How to use Hampshire Travel Guide

As explained elsewhere Hampshire Travel Guide is primarily a city, town and village guide of places within the county.

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All the places shown on this site have their own individual page. You will of course need to type in the spelling of the place as it is shown on this web site.

I hope you enjoy visiting Hampshire Travel Guide and exploring the county of Hampshire with me.


Boarders and different countries came about because of pride and attempt to reach God by man's own hands (Tower of Babel) so the Almighty confused their language. God offers us forgiveness and reconciliation with Himself and then requires us to care for others and try to get on with others no matter where they originate from.

In other words, God did not originally design people to be separate from each other, this came about because of man's sin.

In God's new world to come, there will be no divisions among people and we will be united under Christ. No fighting, no borders, no wars, no discrimination. God's new world will be at peace and those who love God in this world will get on together without any problems.

This is why I like to travel and visit other countries and associate myself with different nationalities and cannot understand why a multicultural country like Britain wishes to leave Europe. Sure, not all is well with the EU but turning your back on 27 neighbours makes no sense to me.

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