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Activities in Poland - Poznan Tourist Bike around Old TownActivities in Poland This section has been created for the vast number of Polish activities and subjects that do not come under the other areas of Poland Travel Guide which merit their own individual headings.

Poland is a nation of 39 million people with many ideas, culture, industry, economic, educational, sporting and outdoor activities, to mention just a few of the topics and activities that interest the people of Polska.

The Polish love all sorts of activities including the outdoors and are very much involved in local cultural events some of which have a long history. They are keen on education, learning and travelling. Many of them return from their travels and bring a wealth of knowledge back to their homeland which they are using to rebuild Poland.

One of my own interests is aviation and the Poles are great aviators. During World War II they showed great skill and bravery in the RAF. In more recent times, they have won many awards for their skill in gliding. There are a number of aviation clubs throughout Poland.


Summertime festivals include Juwenalia, occurring in late May or early June and is an excuse for students to party after the stress accumulated from a year’s worth of study, and Wianki, a midsummer Polish tradition taking place along riverbanks, such as the mighty Vistula in Krakow where wreaths are floated downstream in a continuance of a summer solstice practice dating back to pagan times.

Besides many national festivals, you will find many individual towns and cities have their own program of events and annual festivals. In Krakow, for example, the International Festival of Jewish Culture draws thousands of visitors to Poland’s cultural capital in the early part of summer, while later visitors can enjoy a Folk Art Fair and a Summer Jazz Festival. In Opole there is a national singing festival held in early June. In the capital of Warsaw, the annual program of outdoor concerts in Warsaw’s parks and gardens is always part of summer. Visitors in August can participate in the Summer Festival of New Town or listen to performances of the Bach Organ Festival and many more throughout the seasons.

Current subjects under activities in Poland include: –

  • Aviation this is another personal interest of mine so it has to be included.
  • Books a list of books about Poland.
  • Charities Poland has a number of good charities.
  • Faith the church is deeply involved in everyday life of Poles.

There are many more activities in Poland, so if you have an interest connected with this country that is not already covered on Poland Travel Guide you are most welcome to send us details by using the contact on the menu.

Activities in Poland - Poland Travel Guide

Tatra Mountains in southern Poland