Faith on Poland Travel Guide

Faith on Poland Travel Guide - I have been a Christian for about 45 years and so this part of my site is about my personal testimony. I know that some will disagree with this but this is a very important area of many peoples lives.

I became a Christian when I was about eleven when I realised that I could not put right the wrongs in my own life without the help of God. Just like the Apostle Paul, the struggle with sin goes on day after day, that is why I need to come back to God on a regular basis. Being a Christian is all about a personal relationship with a creative, just and forgiving God. You will not find a relationship in buildings or organisations only with God himself through Jesus Christ, his son, by means of His Holy Spirit.

The word saved in the Bible is describing an ongoing relationship with God through Christ and The Holy Spirit. It is not just for Sundays or whenever we feel like it!

You have most likely heard of the saying, “God helps those who help themselves”, well this is true but not in the way most of us use it. God has provided us with a way to be forgiven, through the death of His son Christ, it is up to us to accept forgiveness and then allow God to enter our lives and help to change us.

Real Christians know that this is an ongoing process and only in the next life will we be made truly into the likeness of Christ. Until then, just like every Christian that has ever lived, we will have to do battle with the old nature (our sinful way of living).

Has God always given me everything I want? NO. Does he step in every time something goes wrong in my life? NO. Yet there have been times when His presence has been very close and He has acted in my best interests. I do not preach, come to God and all your problems will go away, I want the truth and God gives me that. That is why my faith in Him lasts and that is why I am still a Christian to-day.

David Smith

Faith on Poland Travel Guide
Tatra Mountains in southern Poland