National Parks in Poland

There are twenty three National Parks in Poland. You will find them in the south with the heights of the Tatra Mountains on the border with Slovakia, to the dunes of the Baltic Sea on the north coast and in between with the deep forests of Białowieża and the canyons and cliffs to be found near to the great tourist city of Krakow.

The National Parks in Poland have a diverse array of features and are shelter to some of the most wonderful and precious habitats to be found in Europe. You can discover the wild side of Poland by exploring the one percent of the countries total land mass, 315,000 hectares or 778,050 acres, protecting nature and the unspoiled landscapes with geographical features by means of these National Parks.

Come and discover the dunes, marshes, wetlands and forests in the east of the country with the mountain ranges stretching across the whole of Poland's southern border which are home to a vast array of species of flora and fauna. Travel to almost any part of Polska and you are sure to be not very far from a National Park such as the capital city of Warsaw with the nearby Kampinoski National Park with dunes and rich carpeted forests.

These protected areas are open to visitors but you will find that the conservation of habitats may take precedence over the general public in some locations. Following any rules that are in place locally are vitally important for the sake of conserving the future landscapes, such as no overnight camping or starting fires. 

Two of the most popular National Parks in Poland is the Białowieża National Park (the oldest national park in Poland and a UNESCO World Heritage Site) straddling the Belarusian border where the European bison is to be found and the Tatrzański National Park in the south, part of the Carpathians which are a range of mountains forming an arc roughly 1,500 km, 932 miles long across Central and Eastern Europe.

Others which are good for hiking and nature watching enthusiasts include, the Kampinoski National Park, the Stołowe Mountains, also known as the Table Mountains (a 42-kilometre or 26 mile long mountain range in the west of Poland and the Czech Republic being part of the Central Sudetes), and the coastal Słowiński National Park near to Gdańsk.

Name Where Area Km² Web Page or URL
Babiogórski Park Narodowy Zawoja 33.92
Białowieski Park Narodowy Białowieża 105.02
Biebrzański Park Narodowy Osowiec-Twierdza 592.23  
Bieszczadzki Park Narodowy Ustrzyki Górne 292.01 Bieszczady National Park 
Bory Tucholskie Park Narodowy Charzykowy 47.98  
Drawieński Park Narodowy Drawno 114.41  
Gorczański Park Narodowy Poręba Wielka 70.29  
Gór Stołowych Park Narodowy Kudowa-Zdrój 63.40  
Kampinoski Park Narodowy Izabelin 385.44  
Karkonoski Park Narodowy Jelenia Góra 55.76  
Magurski Park Narodowy Krempna 194.39  
Narwiański Park Narodowy Kurowo 68.1  
Ojcowski Park Narodowy Ojców 21.46  
Pieniński Park Narodowy Krościenko nad Dunajcem 23.46  
Poleski Park Narodowy Urszulin 97.62  
Roztoczański Park Narodowy Zwierzyniec 84.83  
Słowiński Park Narodowy Smołdzino 186  
Świętokrzyski Park Narodowy Bodzentyn 76.26  
Tatrzański Park Narodowy Zakopane 211.64  
Ujście Warty Park Narodowy Chyrzyno 80.38  
Wielkopolski Park Narodowy Jeziory 75.84  
Wigierski Park Narodowy Krzywe 150.86  
Woliński Park Narodowy Międzyzdroje 109.37  


National Parks in Poland - Poland Travel Guide


National Parks in Poland - Poland Travel Guide
Tatra Mountains in southern Poland