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Poznań Travel Guide - a place in central-western Poland in the province of Wielkopolskie and the capital of the Wielkopolskie region, a city on the River Warta located in west-central Poland, with a population of 556,000 including about 130,000 students as of June 2009. It is among the oldest cities in the country, and was one of the most important centres regarding the early Polish state, whose first rulers are buried inside Poznań's cathedral.

At the turn of the 8th and 9th centuries a fortified town was founded at Ostrow on the defensible island of Ostow Tumski at the time of Poland's first ruler, Duke Mieszko I. It became one of the main administrative centres of Poland ruled by the Kings of the Piast dynasty and in 966 the Baptism of Poland took place with the first Polish diocese being established two years later.

Poznań is now Poland's fifth largest city. It is the historical capital of the Wielkopolska (“Greater Poland”) region, and is currently the administrative capital of the province called Greater Poland Voivodeship.

The city is an important centre for trade, industry and education, and hosts regular international trade fairs at the Poznan International Fair, the largest venue in central Europe with up to 80 events each year. It was the host city for the United Nations Climate Change Conference in December 2008, a key stage in the creation of a successor to the Kyoto Protocol.

The inhabitants of Poznan have always had a great respect for science and knowledge and in 1518 Bishop Jan Lubrańsk founded the Lubrański Academy, (In 1780 the Academy was merged with the Jesuit Collegium Posnaniae, today the Lubrański Academy's building holds the museum of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Poznań) the first university in the town, today there are more than twenty making Poznan one of the largest university places of learning in the world with some 140,000 students at the last count. The Science Centre at the Polish Academy of Science, the Poznan Society of Friends of Learning and many other organisations all contribute to the cities educational seat of learning.

With many students in Poznań you would expect it to have a strong cultural flavour and Poznan does not disappoint with theatres, a philharmonic, galleries and the Polish Dance Theatre as well as the Poznanskie Slowiki Choir. Poznan is a candidate city for European Capital of Culture in 2016.

Poznań Travel Guide

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Poland Travel Guide is a travel Guide about the country of Polska which is located in central Europe. You are very welcome to visit my site and I hope that you will enjoy the experience.

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Accommodation in Poznań

You will find the full range of accommodation in this town from the most luxurious five star hotels with up to date and modern amenities to pensions (a type of guest house or boarding house) and rooms or apartments at very reasonable prices. Some of the larger towns and cities will also have hostels.

If you prefer to stay in a more rural location there are a number of “Agro” style of accommodation places on farms and in the countryside plus there may be camp sites nearby.

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Activities in Poznań

Poznan Tourist Bike around Old TownPoland is a country with a large variety of landscapes, a place where you can experience all four seasons. This provides the visitor with many opportunities for adventure and different activities, whether you enjoy the mountains, lakes, rivers or the beaches you will find something that suits you.

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Attractions in Poznań

Poznan June 2011 0823So you would like to know what places there are to visit in the city of Poznan in the region of Wielkopolskie, Poland. Here are just some of them.


Poznan Cathedral - Ostrów Tumski 17

Blessed Virgin Mary Church - Ostrów Tumski 1

Jesuit Church - ul. Szewska 18

St Adalbert Church - Wzgórze sw. Wojciecha 1

St John of Jerusalem Outside The Walls - ul. Świętojańska 1

The Franciscan Church - ul. Franciszkańska 2

The Franciscan-Observants Church - ul. Garbary 22

St Stainislav's Parish Church - ul. Klasztorna 11

Former Jesuit School - ul. Gołębia 8

Post-Jesuit College - plac. Kolegiacki 17


Great Theatre (opera) - ul. Fredry 9

New Theatre - ul. Dabrowskiego 5

The Polish Theatre - ul. 27 Grudnia 7

Castles and Palaces

Palace of The Górka Family – ul. Wodna 27

The Górka Palace was constructed around 1540 by the rearrangement of some neighbouring Gothic houses. Its original early Renaissance gate dates from 1548, the inner yard with column gallery and two rooms on the second floor are still preserved.

The Castle of Przemysł I - Góra Przemysla 1

The Former Imperial Castle - ul. Sw. Marcin 80-82

The Działyński Family Palace - Stary Rynek

Other Places

Arkadia - ul. Ratajczaka 44

Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and The Great Hall - ul. Wieniawskiego 1

The Former Bazar Hotel - Al. Marcinkowskiego

Guardhause - Stary Rynek 3

The Former Hugger's Brewery - (now The Old Brewery Shopping Culture and Business Centre) - ul. Pólwiejska 42

Raczyński Library - Plac Wolności 19

Town Hall - Stary Rynek 1

Poland is a country with a large variety of attractions for the tourist to visit, a place where you can experience all sorts of places to see. This provides the visitor with many opportunities for learning about Polska, whether you enjoy the many monuments, historic churches or buildings, history of places, or more modern attractions, you will find something that suits you.

If you see something you like or wish to know more about please contact the attraction provider directly as I do not take commission and I take the attitude that their own website will have more up to date details on what they offer than if I were to include it here.

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Geography of Poznań

Poznań is the capital of Wielkopolskie province or Greater Poland. It is situated between two hills on the Warta River, which is a tributary of the Oder River. Almost midway between the capital of Poland, Warsaw and Berlin in Germany. The highest point within the city area is Moraska Hill being 154 metres above sea level.

Nearby is an area known as the Morasko Meteor Reserve which is famous for seven craters formed by a meteor that according to local custom, fell there some 5,000 years ago.

The oldest part of the city is located on an island known as “Ostrow Tumski” (the Cathedral Island), while the the centre and the Old Town lie on the left bank of the river. Within the region there are national and landscape parks, lakes and many other outdoor attractions.

Poznań is an important manufacturing, marketing, and transportation centre and is also one of the oldest religious centres of Poland.

History of Poznań

Poznan June 2011 0708Awaiting details.

Museums in Poznań

Poznan June 2011 0815Polska is full of history and the Polish are great lovers of knowledge of the past so you will find many museums in the country.

Poland has a long history and has been an important trading route that has been invaded by many different groups over the past 1,000 years. Museums are a great way to explore the nations history about the inhabitants of the land in the past, their lives and customs.

Some of the museums shown below may have an article about them here on Poland Travel Guide. Follow the link for the article. For the rest, if you see something you like or wish to know more about please contact the museum directly as I take the attitude that their own website will have more up to date details on what they offer than if I were to include it here.

What ever museum you run, you can advertise it on Poznań Travel Guide at no cost.


Museum of Armaments

Muzeum Uzbrojenia - housed in the remains of a Prussian fort which was used to produce gunpowder and shells during WWII, which now features displays of past weaponry and ammunition and images of battles around Poznań.

There is also an outdoor exhibition displaying various war machinery such as a T-34 tank, a Katyusha rocket launcher and other items.

Pharmaceutical Museum

Muzeum Farmacji - Now reopened after a renovation, you can discover the military history of Poznań and see photographs, newspaper cuttings, weapons and uniforms.

Poznań Army Museum

Muzeum Armii Poznań - This museum is housed on the second floor of a courtyard and contains relics of rusty pots and scales from the 17th to 19th centuries. Other items include old medical books and even a stuffed alligator.

National Museum

Muzeum Narodowe - If you are interested in modern Polish art then a visit to this museum is a must. You will discover impressionist works in the new wing and medieval art including Italian, Flemish and Dutch paintings in the old part of the building. There is also Spanish works and plenty of Polish works dating back to the 16th century.

Name of Museum Address Type URL
Muzeum Uzbrojenia & Muzeum Armii Poznań Park Cytadela, 61-663 Poznań War Museum  
Muzeum Narodowe Aleje Marcinkowskiego 9, 61-745 Poznań National Art Museum www.mnp.art.pl
Muzeum Farmacji al. Marcinkowskiego 11, Poznań Pharmaceutical  
Muzeum Archeologiczne ul. Wodna 27, Pałac Górków, 61-781 Poznań Archeological www.muzarp.poznan.pl

Places to Eat in Poznań

There are many restaurants covering the usual pizza to those offering local Polish traditional and regional cuisine.

If you see something you like or wish to know more about please contact the place to eat directly as I do not take commission and I take the attitude that their own website will have more up to date details on what they offer than if I were to include it here.

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Places to Eat

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Tourist Information in Poznań

Information point - Poznań Travel GuidePoland Travel Guide - This web site will eventually have tourist information on most of the places in Polska. Being a web site you will be able to access the information on most digital platforms, including your laptop, personal computer or a mobile phone.

Tourist organisations are welcome to contact me for details on how to display their information on Poznań Travel Guide.

PTTK - Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society is a non-profit organisation that you will find in many places in Poland.

It is one of the oldest tourist societies in Europe and was was created by the merger of two societies: Polish Tatry Society (1873) and Polish Country Lovers Society (1906).

Official Tourist Information Centres in Poland are divided into 1*, 2*, 3* and 4* Certified and Non-Certified. All Certified Tourist Centres provide information in one or more foreign languages and have an expanded range of services as compared to the Non-Certified.

Tourist Information

City Information Centre

City Information Centre Arkadia is situated in the historical “Arkadia” building by Wolności Square and is a part of the Posnania City Publishing House. CIM started its activity in 1998. Nowadays it has five branches. Salon Posnania - an art gallery selling Poznań souvenirs and art pieces is also a part of CIM.

- comprehensive information about the city and region
- ticket sales and reservations
- tourist service (hotel room reservation, tour guide services)
- sales of city maps, publications and book-guides about Poznań
- sales of Poznań souvenirs
- distribution of promotional materials

Main Address:
ul. Ratajczaka 44, 61-728 Poznań, Poland
phone: +48 61 194 31, +48 61 851 96 45, fax. +48 61 856 04 54
e-mail: centrum@cim.poznan.pl

Open: Monday - Friday 10.00 am - 7.00 pm; Saturday 10.00 am - 5.00 pm

Name of Tourist Office Address Type URL
City Information Centre (CIM) ul. Ratajczaka 44, 61-728 Poznań Offical Site www.poznan.pl/mim/cim/en/
CIM - Poznań Główny Railway Station Ul. Dworcowa 2, 60-801 Poznań Offical Site www.poznan.pl/mim/cim/en/
Tourist Information Center in Poznań Stary Rynek 59/60, 61-772 Poznań Regional Site www.wielkopolska.travel

Transport in Poznań

Poznań Coach Station - Poznań Travel GuideAwaiting details.

Here are some useful websites to help you find your way to this place.


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Name Type URL
e-podroznik.pl Bus & Train Timetables www.e-podroznik.pl
Port Lotniczy Airport www.airport-poznan.com.pl
Przewozy Regionalne Railways www.przewozyregionalne.pl

Websites of Poznań

If you have a website that is an official one linked to this town, or you administer a local community or an important trade site that would link to Poznań Travel Guide please contact me as I may be interested in including it.


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Poznan ul.website Official Site www.poznan.pl/

Regional Links


The Wielkopolskie Voivodship was created in 1989 and is located in the central-western of Poland.





Places in Province

The cities, towns and villages of the region of Wielkopolskie.

Places in Province

Map of Poznań


Poznan June 2011 0695
Poznań June 2011 0707
Poznań Lake Malta 053
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