Województwo wielkopolskie

Wielkopolskie Voivodship, Poland, which owing to its history, traditions and culture is commonly referred to as Wielkopolska. It is also known as the Greater Poland Voivodeship. Polish name - Województwo Wielkopolskie. Wielkopolskie is located in the west of Poland and comprises an area of 30,000 square kilometres, it is the second largest Voivodship of Poland’s 16 provinces, with some 3.4 million inhabitants.

At the turn of the tenth and eleven centuries, the foundations of the Polish nation were laid. Durring this period the largest settlements were in the present day cities of Gniezno and Poznań.

The administration of the Wielkopolskie Voivodship (region) is divided into 35 administrative Powiats (districts) including four Municipal Powiats and 226 Gminas (municipalities). Of the 109 towns and cities the largest is Poznań with some 570 thousand inhabitants, being the capital of the region, and the industrial, educational and cultural centre for Wielkopolski. Some of the other large towns include Kalisz with about 109 thousand inhabitants, Konin has about 81 thousand inhabitants, Piła about 81 thousand inhabitants. The population of Ostrów Wielkopolski is about 73 thousand inhabitants, with the population of Gniezno being about 70 thousand inhabitants, and Leszno 64 thousand inhabitants.

Local government, as opposed to the State Government is not bound by the explicit instructions of the State as it's main task is to meet the basic needs of the local community. The essence of devolution of power from the State is to provide closer connections to the citizen, to provide for their needs, because in Poland there is a presumption of competence in favour of the municipality as a unit which is nearest to the residents.

This created a system of administration which was adequate for the requirements of modern Poland within Europe with territorial division of the state.

National and Landscape Parks

There are 2 National Parks and 12 Landscape Parks within the protected areas in the Greater Poland Voivodeship.
* Drawno National Park (partly in Lubusz and West Pomeranian Voivodeships)

* Wielkopolska National Park

* Barycz Valley Landscape Park (partly in Lower Silesian Voivodeship)

* Chłapowski Landscape Park

* Lednica Landscape Park

* Powidz Landscape Park

* Promno Landscape Park

* Przemęt Landscape Park (partly in Lubusz Voivodeship)

* Pszczew Landscape Park (partly in Lubusz Voivodeship)

* Puszcza Zielonka Landscape Park

* Rogalin Landscape Park

* Sieraków Landscape Park

* Warta Landscape Park

* Żerków-Czeszewo Landscape Park

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