Województwo lubuskie

Location and Geography

The province of Lubuskie, Poland ( polish; Województwo Lubuskie) has historically belonged to various nation states and is a region rich in nature with plentiful forests and wildlife and historic towns. Area: 13,987.88 km2 (4.5% of Poland's territory). Due to the large number of lakes, there are about 500, it is sometimes referred to as the ‘Polish Lake district' and is an excellent location for those that like water sports or hunting and fishing. Water sport centres can be found at; Lagów, Lubniewice, Nieulice, and at Sława.

The largest of the woodlands are to be found at; Drawsko, Gorzów, Noteć and Lubusz together with Lower Silesian and Zielona Gora Forests. About 48% of the region is covered by woodland. The population is just over one million and the province covers 13,984 sq Km.

Lubuskie's location on the border with Germany, is less than two hours drive from Berlin, making it an easily accessible place for visitors from western Europe. It extends from the Polish/German border to the east from the Oder and Nysa Luzycka rivers. Lubuskie's two main cities are; Gorzów Wielkopolski and Zielona Gora. The region is about 450 Km from Warsaw, the capital of Poland.

Administrative Divisions

The administration of Lubuskie has 12 rural districts and 2 town districts and includes 42 towns and more than 1,500 villages. These are further divided into 83 gminas.

The capital of the region is Gorzów Wielkopolski with a population of about 125,000.

Province of Lubuskie Coat of Arms

Border Crossings

The Lubuski Voivodship lays on Poland’s western border with Germany, east of the Odra River. The towns have favourable locations, particularly for developing economic cooperation with Germany as there are 14 border crossings.

Province of Lubuskie Coat of Arms



Province of Lubuskie Coat of Arms


A characteristic economic feature is the presence of industrial plants in small towns, villages and the countryside, with 94% of economic businesses operating within the private sector.

Gorzów Wielkopolski has a large industrial centre with trades in artifiscal fibre, textiles and mechanical plants. At Kostrzyn, paper mill and textile industry and at Kożuchów food processing and vehicle manufacturing. At Krosno Odrzańskie there is wood and machine industries. Lubsko is a centre for textile, food and the furniture industries as are many other towns in the region.

Province of Lubuskie Coat of Arms


Major Lubuskie Higher Education Institutions:

1. State HEIs:

The University of Zielona Góra (www.uz.zgora.pl)

Collegium Polonicum in Słubice (www.cp.edu.pl)

The Physical Education Institute of the Poznań Academy of Physical Education in Gorzów


Gorzów Higher Vocational School (www.pwsz.pl)

The State Higher Vocational School in Suchelów (www.pwsz.sulechow.pl)

2. Non-Public HEIs:

The Łużycka Higher School of Humanities in Żary (www.lwsh.pl)

Gorzów Higher School of Business (www.wsb.gorzow.pl)

The Higher Vocational School in Kostrzyn (www.wssz.pl)

The Western Higher School of Commerce and International Finance in Zielona Góra (www.zwshifm.zgora.pl),

The Lubuskie Higher School of Public Health in Zielona Góra.

Province of Lubuskie Coat of Arms

Culture and Tourism

In the past the region has been influenced by the Polish, German and Czech cultures. Cultural events held in the province of Lubuskie include; the Lagów Film Summer, the Grape Harvesting at Zielona Góra, the Polish-German International Friendship Rally and the Four Wheel Drive Car Championships. The voivodship’s structure, numerous woodlands and the relatively sparse population compared to the rest of Poland, creates the ideal place to organize and stage spectacular events and sports.

As well as water sports there are many castles, palaces and manor houses which are often to be found hidden away in remote locations and can be described as outstandingly beautiful. A visit to Kożuchów, which has the longest defensive walls in Europe is advised.

Aeroklub Lubuski provides ideal facilities for flying. Aeroclub of Lublin is one of the oldest organizations in Lublin with a great tradition. It Was established in 1927 at the initiative of local people whose interest had one goal to take off and float in the air as long as possible.

Cycling enthusiasts have access to many bike trails, which have been created through the help of the European Union. There are many great places to stay in Lubuskie, at very reasonable prices.

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Province of Lubuskie Coat of Arms



The Lubuskie region has every type of accommodation available from simple rooms to the grand hotels and everything in between.



Regional Food

One of the delights of travelling is to sample the food of the part of the world you are visiting. Lubuskie will not be a disappointment to your palette.

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Województwo Lubuskie


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