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Wrocław Coat of ArmsWrocław Travel Guide - Wrocław is a major tourist city and the capital of the region of Silesia, Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Dolnośląskie in south-western Poland, situated on the River Oder (Polish: Odra).

In the past the Wrocław has been part of Poland, Bohemia, Austria, Prussia and Germany. According to official population figures for June 2009, the population of Wrocław was 632,240, making it the fourth largest city in the country.

The prominent historian Norman Davies called Wroclaw the “Flower of Europe”, a microcosm, in which Polish, German, Czech and Jewish traditions meet and coexist.

Wrocław is at the heart of Dolnośląskie and is also one of the oldest cities in the country and was incorporated into Mieszko I's principality around 990 with a bishopric set up in 1000 and the first town charter was created in 1226. A few years later in 1241 the town was destroyed by the Tartars.

The oldest part of  Wrocław, Ostrow Tumski, was originally on an island in the middle of the River Oder with a stronghold and later a castle, now a cathedral stands on the location.

Wrocław has a strong learning tradition with twelve schools of higher education, a number of scientific institutions and museums, an opera, concert hall and several theatres, including the famous Wrocław Pantomime Theatre established in 1959 by Henryk Tomaszewski.

As for industry Wrocław is known for electro-engineering, manufacturing of different types of machinery, metallurgy, textiles and food processing. It also has a number of trade exhibitions and international fairs.

Wrocław Travel Guide

Poland Travel Guide

This guide is a travel Guide about the country of Polska which is located in central Europe. You are very welcome to visit the site and I hope that you will enjoy the experience.

The guide is easy to use as each village, town and city has it's own page with useful information for the visitor. Not all sections appearing on the left of my guide, on Wrocław may have information as this is an ongoing project.

If you can contribute any information about this place to improve this guide please send it to Wrocław Travel Guide.

Accommodation in Wrocław

You will find the full range of accommodation in Wrocław from the most luxurious five star hotels with up to date and modern amenities to pensions (a type of guest house or boarding house) and rooms or apartments at very reasonable prices. Wrocław will also have hostels.

If you prefer to stay in a more rural location there are a number of “Agro” style of accommodation places on farms and in the countryside plus there may be camp sites nearby.

If you see something you like or wish to know more about please contact the accommodation directly.

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Academus ul.Kiełbaśnicza 23, 50-110 Wrocław Guest House

Activities in Wrocław

Polska is a country with a large variety of landscapes, a place where you can experience all four seasons. This provides the visitor with many opportunities for adventure and different activities, whether you enjoy the mountains, lakes, rivers or the beaches you will find something that suits you.

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Attractions in Wrocław

Wrocław Hala Targowa Indoor Market - Wrocław Travel GuideOn Wrocław Travel Guide we recommend the Hala Targowa Indoor Market as a place well worth a visit if you would like to experience a proper indoor market.

Located in the Old town it was built between 1906-08 on the site of the old arsenal, it is a modern Brick Gothic building designed by the city architect Richard Pluddemann using a traditional brick exterior. The market has two floors, on the ground floor the stalls overflow with local produce whilst upstairs there's all sorts of things for sale that you'll probably never want but it's worth going up there just to look down on the fruit, veg and flowers down below which is where I took the photographs from.

Hala Targowa Indoor Market is located at the corner of Piaskowa Street and Ducha Street, in Wroclaw's Old Town (Stare Miasto). There is a tram stop right in front of the Market Hall.

Polska is a country with a large variety of attractions for the tourist to visit, a place where you can experience all sorts of places to see. This provides the visitor with many opportunities for learning about the country, whether you enjoy the many monuments, historic churches or buildings, history of places, or more modern attractions, you will find something that suits you.

If you see something you like or wish to know more about please contact the attraction provider directly.

Attractions on Wrocław Travel Guide

Old Town Hall

Wroclaw - Rynek at NightStary Ratusz, Rynek - the construction of this historic Town Hall commenced in 1327 and took some two hundred years to complete in 1504. The 66 metre tower took almost another century to finish.

The eastern facade is made up of three parts, the far right Gothic segment is the oldest while the extreme left part has carvings in the Renaissance style and the middle section from the 16th century has an ornamented triangular roof with pinnacles.

There is an astronomical clock built in 1580 made from Larch wood displaying the time and phases of the moon.

On the southern side there are three projections dating back to the 16th century with ornate bay windows and carved stone figures.

On the western side is a Baroque portal built in 1615 and taking you to the Museum of Bourgeois Art MUZEUM MIEJSKIE WROCŁAWIA

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Geography of Wrocław

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History of Wrocław

The origins of Wrocław date back to the period of Bohemian Duke Vratislav (born 888 – died 921, a descendent of the Czech Přemyslid dynasty, Duke of Bohemia from 915 until his death) from where the city has taken it's name in the 10th century. It was located on the River Oder in an area prone to flooding but important as it was an intersection of trading routes and it had to be defended. As a result it soon became an administrative centre and a place where crafts developed attracting merchants.

Around 990 the Piast dynasty took control of the province from Bohemia and Wrocław increased in prominence as in 1000 AD  it became the seat of a bishopric, one of four forming the archdiocese of Gniezno.

Museums in Wrocław

Polska is full of history and the Polish are great lovers of knowledge of the past so you will find many museums in the country.

The nation has a long history and has been an important trading route that has been invaded by many different groups over the past 1,000 years. Museums are a great way to explore the nations history about the inhabitants of the land in the past, their lives and customs.

Some of the museums shown below may have an article about them here on Poland Travel Guide. Follow the link for the article. For the rest, if you see something you like or wish to know more about please contact the museum directly.

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MUZEUM MIEJSKIE WROCŁAWIA 50-107 Wrocław, Sukiennice 14/15 Art

Places to Eat in Wrocław

There are many restaurants covering the usual pizza to those offering local Polish traditional and regional cuisine.

If you see something you like or wish to know more about please contact the place to eat directly as I do not take commission and I take the attitude that their own website will have more up to date details on what they offer than if I were to include it here.

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Places to Eat

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Tourist Information in Wrocław

Information point - Wrocław Travel Guide This web site will eventually have tourist information on most of the places in Polska. Being a web site you will be able to access the information on most digital platforms, including your laptop, personal computer or a mobile phone.

Tourist organisations are welcome to contact me for details on how to display their information on Poland Travel Guide.

PTTK - Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society is a non-profit organisation that you will find in many places in Poland.

It is one of the oldest tourist societies in Europe and was was created by the merger of two societies: Polish Tatry Society (1873) and Polish Country Lovers Society (1906).

Official Tourist Information Centres in Poland are divided into 1*, 2*, 3* and 4* Certified and Non-Certified. All Certified Tourist Centres provide information in one or more foreign languages and have an expanded range of services as compared to the Non-Certified.

Tourist Information

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Name of Tourist Office Address Type URL
City and Tourism Promotion Office Przejście Żelaźnicze 1, 50-107 Wrocław Tourist Office visitwroclaw.eu
PTTK Rynek Ratusz, 11/12 Tourist Office www.pttk.wroclaw.pl

Transport in Wrocław

Wroclaw Central Bus Station - Wrocław Travel GuideWrocław being a tourist centre is important as a transport hub with 10 railway lines, 12 main roads and an international airport, Copernicus Airport Wrocław, located 10 km (6.2 miles) south-west of the city centre.

Here are some useful websites to help you find your way to this place.


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Name Type URL
e-podroznik.pl Bus and Train Timetables www.e-podroznik.pl
Wrocław Nicolaus Copernicus Airport Airport www.airport.wroclaw.pl
Przewozy Regionalne Railways www.przewozyregionalne.pl

Websites of Wrocław

If you have a website linked to Wrocław, or you administer a local community or an important trade site we may be interested in including it on Wrocław Travel Guide. Use the contact page to advise us of it.


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www.wroclaw.pl pl. Solny 14, 50-062 Wrocław Official Site

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The Dolnośląskie Voivodship was created in 1999 and is located in the south of Poland.





Places in Province

The cities, towns and villages of the region of Dolnośląskie.

Places in Province

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